Snowman Holiday Box

Snowman Holiday Box


The weather outside is frightful…but everything inside this box is delightful! Snag one of our Snowman Holiday Boxes for yourself or a friend. Tons of goodies inside to make your holidays brighter and the hearts around you feel cheery and warm. Get your box before they’re gone (limited edition of 50 for Winter 2018!).

Be careful: these are limited edition only with over $90 worth of Simply Whimsical goodies inside. Open up your box and you’ll find our Snowman Apron (featuring a pair of adorable snowmen in reds, pinks, and blues with the cutest ric-rac design, $36.00), a pair of Simply Whimsical Red Heart Glam Gloves (turn your household chores into a charming experience every time, $18.00), our stylish and modern Red Heart Pot Pinchers (grab hot dishes out of the oven or move them off the stove in the cutest way you can, $16.00), and our matching Snowman Kitchen Set to finish off your festive kitchen decor ($25.00).

Pre-order now for over $90 worth of Simply Whimsical products for only $29.99. Shipping mid-December!

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